International Journal of Computer Communications and Networks (IJCCN): Announcements <a href="" target="_blank alt="> <img src="/public/site/images/aboamama/zouk-banner-728x90_728.gif" alt="" width="728" height="90" /> </a> <p> </p><p>E-ISSN 2289-3369  Online , ISSN 2289-3350  Printed</p><p>International Journal of Computer Communication and Network (IJCCN) is a refereed open access international journal for scientific papers dealing in all areas of computer science research.<br /><br />The Journal of Computer Communication explores a wide range of emerging network technologies in computers as well as communication challenges in post-pc devices. The scope includes ad-hoc network, biological communication, protocols, security and more.<br />The International Journal of Computer Communication and Network (IJCCN) is seeking for novel research works which implies great scientific work to push the boundaries of networking science.</p><p> </p><p>We are trying to include IJCCN into Thomson Master Journals and Scopus. On that regard, we are looking forward to great research results from your side. Thank you for your interest and contribution to IJCCN .</p><table cellspacing="0" width="90%" align="center"><tbody><tr><td width="514"><p><strong>International Journal of Computer Communications and Networks (IJCCN)</strong></p><p><strong><span>|</span></strong><strong><span> </span></strong><strong><span>Call for papers </span></strong><strong><span>(</span></strong><strong><span>Due : January 20<strong>, 20</strong><strong>18</strong></span></strong><strong><span>)</span></strong></p><p><strong> </strong>Publication Date : January 30, 2018</p><p><strong>Submit : <a href="/index.php/Networks/about/submissions#onlineSubmissions">Manuscript Submission</a></strong><strong> </strong><img src="/Arrow_Left_Rotating.gif" border="0" alt="" width="60" height="40" align="middle" /><strong> </strong><img src="/Receiving.gif" border="0" alt="" width="120" height="18" align="middle" /></p><p>Volume Number: Vol.5, No.1</p></td></tr></tbody></table><p> </p> en-US