Safeguarding the Cloud: An Effective Risk Management Framework for Cloud Computing Services

Fahad F Alruwaili, T. Aaron Gulliver


Cloud computing services have attracted the attention of many organizations seeking flexible, simple, and efficient system development, operation, and support. The cost advantages of cloud services motivate the outsourcing of IT systems to the cloud. However, there is a lack of awareness of the security risks associated with cloud services. These risks and the associated threats could jeopardize the success and even the survivability of organizations that adopt cloud services. To address this issue, a risk management framework is proposed in this paper which leverages the previously proposed security operations center as a service (SOCaaS) combined with a secure service level agreement (SecSLA) to provide security requirements and compliance. The framework is self-aware of the organization assets and the associated security risks and vulnerabilities. Automated tools are provided to identify, classify, evaluate, and control the information security and data privacy of cloud systems and services. The proposed framework supports cloud protection by identifying threats and vulnerabilities in cloud systems and recommending steps to ensure their confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA).


Information Security; Risk Management and Assessment; Cloud Security Services; Service Level Agreement (SLA); Security Operations Center (SOC)

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