Optimization of Wireless Sensor Network Coverage based on Evolutionary Algorithm

mohammadjavad Abbasi


Wireless sensor Network(WSN) has newly drawn lots of attention due to its application in the medical, environment, military and industry. Due to maximum coverage, sensor node has mobility for improving network coverage in the wireless sensor network. The spatially distributed sensor nodes collect from the environment through the movement. Mobility of sensor is based on connectivity and optimizes the coverage on whole target area. Finding near optimal solutions for sensor deployment is issued in Wireless sensor networks (WSN). Optimum deployment of the sensor nodes is favorable to the largest potential utilization of the sensor network. Optimization deployment of the mobile sensor provides fault tolerance in WNSN that can help network prolonging the lifetime, reduce the size of complexity and increase the quality of service (QoS) especially for WSNs applications. Wireless sensor deployment problem, by using the power of Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) in order to minimize movement of the mobile node and increase the lifetime of the network while optimizing the network coverage.

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