Snapshot of 200 Varying Nodes Placement network in QualNet 5.0.2 Simulator

Comparative Performance Analysis of AODV, DSR,DYMO,OLSR and ZRP Routing Protocols in MANET Using Varying Pause Time

Jogendra Kumar


A Mobile Ad-Hoc Network (MANET) is a collection of wireless mobile nodes that communicates with each other without using any existing infrastructure, access point or centralized administration. In MANET, due to mobility of nodes network topology changes frequently and thus, routing becomes a challenging task. A variety of routing protocols with varying network conditions are analyzed to find an optimized route from a source to some destination. This article presents performance comparison of five popular mobile ad-hoc network routing protocols i.e. Ad hoc On-demand Distance Vector (AODV), Dynamic Source Routing (DSR), Dynamic MANET on- Demand (DYMO), Optimization Link State Routing (OLSR) and Zone Routing Protocol (ZRP) in variable pause time. We used well known network simulator QualNet 5.0.2 from scalable networks to evaluate the performance of these protocols. The performance analysis is based on different network metrics such as End to End delay (s), Average Jitter (s), First Packet Receive (FPR), Last Packet Receive (LPR), Total Bytes Receive (TBR) and Total Packet Receive (TPR).

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