Information Security: Human Resources Management and Information Security Incident Management

Nik Nordiana N Ab Rahman


Information security has becomes an essential aspect in any organization. Since most of the sensitive information is stored digitally, security becomes extremely important and need to be managed and protected on an ongoing basis. Information security management recognizes the most susceptible area in any organization and builds shields to protect them.    Due to the important of information assets, a study have been conducted to explore whether information security in UNISEL comply with what has been recommended by the code of practice focusing in the area of human resource management and information security incident management.  This paper presents the result from a combination of quantitative and qualitative study, arising from detailed interviews conducted with a few head of departments and unit to get their view, opinion and experiences with information security management as well as a questionnaire to identify the level of awareness among staff. The findings reveal that the needs for human resources management and information security incident are required to protect information assets of an organization.

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